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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Flattering Lines in your Ballet Dancing

Figuring out how to support and also de-emphasize the bustline of an older and more developed ballet dancer, can be a costuming challenge.  For large-chested performers, ballet teachers should pick a style that can be worn with a bra or a costume that provides support in order to save the ballet dancers from embarrassment and health risks. 

Order costumes for well endowed ballet dancers according to their bust size and then alter the rest of the costume to fit their bodies.  Another solution is to draw attention elsewhere by selecting costumes that are a solid colour and have a higher and less revealing neckline.

For dancers with smaller busts, the opposite measures can be taken.  Gathered fabric or lots of embellishment on the bodice can enhance a small bust.  A contrasting bodice looks nice too. 

Be careful that these measures do not make dancers with average chests appear to be overly buxom, or that the use of contrasting tops and bottoms doesn't shorten your dancer's vertical line.

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