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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Do You Know How To Make Your Pointe Shoes Slip Proof?

Here are some ideas to slip proof your pointe shoes.  Often as dancers you will find that the stage or even your studio floor is way too slippery, and there is nothing worse than dancing carefully in order not to have a fall.

If you know well in advance that the stage or floor you will be dancing on will be very slippery, you can take your pointe shoes to a local shoe repair shop.  Ask them to put rubber on the platform and sole of your shoes.  Be sure to specify tan as the color, or they will automatically use black if you don’t.  Ask them to extend the rubber to the place on the sole where the shank bends.  In this way the rubber will cover the platform of your pointe shoe and about three quarters of the sole.  They will be able to use the leather on your soles as a guide. Ask them to put a circle of beveled rubber on the heel side of the shoe about the size of a large coin.

This tactic will work wonders for you when you need to dance on a slippery floor.  You will also be pleasantly surprised at how normal the shoes still feels to dance in.

If all else fails, we have also poured coca cola all over a stage to sticky it up.  This method, although it works well, may not abide well with the owners of the floor space you are renting.

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